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The James Allen Companion
Title Book: The James Allen Companion
Author : James Allen
ISBN 10: 9781682993576
ISBN 13: 1682993574
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Category : Fiction / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 2800

Télécharger The James Allen Companion livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. James Allen was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work, 'As a Man Thinketh,' has been a source of inspiration to motivational and self-help authors. This omnibus edition features 18 of his best-loved works, including 'From Poverty to Power,' 'All These Things Added,' 'As a Man Thinketh,' 'Byways of Blessedness,' 'Out from the Heart,' 'Poems of Peace,' 'The Life Triumphant,' 'Morning and Evening Thoughts,' 'The Mastery of Destiny,' 'Above Life's Turmoil,' 'From Passion to Peace,' 'Eight Pillars of Prosperity,' 'Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance,' 'Light on Life's Difficulties,' 'Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success,' 'Meditations for Every Day in the Year,' 'Men and Systems,' and 'The Shining Gateway.'