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Humour and Religion
Title Book: Humour and Religion
Author : Hans Geybels
ISBN 10: 9781441163134
ISBN 13: 1441163131
Publisher : A&C Black
Category : Humor / Topic / Religion
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 272

Télécharger Humour and Religion livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. Humour and Religion highlights the importance and functioning of humour in different world religions. Exploring the major religious cultures, the book looks at more constructive aspects to the relation between humour and religion, with humour seen as a pathway to spiritual wisdom.Exploring how religions contain (implicit) references to the finitude and relativity of the human condition, and why humour and spirituality fit well together, contributors discuss what the meaning of humour in different religions is - Did it evolve historically? How does it function? How is humour related to the realization of spiritual goals? Looking at religions from an external perspective, the contributors then analyze the way religion interacts with humour in society. How does a religion respond to sarcasm and irony? Are there limits to mockery and making fun of believers? Does humour have a pacifying effect when societal tensions run high or does it intensify the sensitivities? This volume will provide essays of value to scholars in the various religions and literatures covered.